Big sound, small package!

Wrapped in a 3" hand-crafted wood cube, 1Q is a powerful little Bluetooth sound system that produces warm, surprisingly natural sound. Integrated Bluetooth v2.1 provides a simple wireless audio link to any smart phone, laptop or tablet device. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but can easily deliver enough sound to fill some pretty large spaces.

1Q brings the beauty, natural acoustic properties and inherent renewability of wood to wherever you and your mobile device wander: to the office, the back yard or simply from room to room. With its compact footprint, 30' range and estimated 10+ hours of battery life,1Q is ready to play. Plug two 1Q's together for instant stereo sound.


• Bluetooth v2.1

• 3.5 mm Aux In

• 30' (10M) wireless range

• 6.5W, 2" full range speaker

• Approximately 10 hours, internal battery

• Walnut, Beech and Bamboo

• 3" X 3" X 3" (76 mm X 76 mm X 76 mm)

• 8 oz. (226 g.)


• Vers 1Q sound system

• USB charging cable

• 10W USB international charger

• 3' (1 m) 3.5 mm extension cable

• Cotton carrying bag

• Manual


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Wood Finish
ipad bamboo Beech Walnut
1Q diagram

1Q + 1Q = Stereo!

1Q is great solution for everyday listening, but when you plug 2 of them together, you get an instant 13 watt stereo.

Every 1Q is designed to automatically switch from mono to stereo left & right once the extension cable (included) is plugged into the 3.5 mm extension speaker jack. Position them on each side of a laptop, tablet or monitor for instant stereo 'depth' ...unplug and they instantly switch back to 2 independent systems.

Compact, palm size sound when you want it, a full 13 watt stereo when you need it - versatile!

Power, Pair, Play!

Setting up Q for the first time couln't be easier - power it on, pair it with your device and play! The version of Bluetooth on Q (2.1) allows for Super Simple Pairing (SSP), so no passwords, no extra steps, just the shortest possible path from power to play. Q also remembers up to 10 of your devices, meaning that once they are paired, they're 'bonded' for an even easier re-connection later.

Power on a Q and it instantly re-connects ...super simple!

1Q numbers

Launched On Kickstarter . . .

The Vers 1Q was launched earlier this summer on the innovative, crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. We thought it would be an "interesting" experiment: try something new, meet some interesting people and test out the 1Q concept on the world. It wasn't long before the 1Q project had over 1000 dedicated, very enthusiastic fans from over 38 countries, offering great ideas and cheering the project on!

A special thanks to project backers Jeff Salazar, Eduardo Jimenez, Archie Nicoll, Trung Phung, Nikita Bogdanov, Anthony Bue
and Lara Farnham.


Use a tree, plant a forest!

Since the very beginning, we have replaced all of the wood that we use in production 100 to 1 in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the US forest service, to rebuild habitat and areas affected by fire or erosion. We have also set up a 1:1 tree planting option at check out - you plant a tree and we'll plant one too!

One tree is equal to 1,000 1Q's, 20,000 iPhone cases or 5 million 1E earphones! To date, we have planted over 4000 trees.

100 Trees

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